What's The Point?

We don’t need more content…

… we need more quality content

As a content creator and business man, this is what my intuition says.

I remember back in the late 2000’s if a creator or company was producing one video a month, that was regarded as pretty good going.

One of my favourite ever sports films “Pretty Sweet” even took five years to make.

But today, for a company to spend five years on a project would be unthinkable. Nowadays our appetite for content is insatiable and whether you like it or not, to achieve success we need to respond to the demands of our consumers (a.k.a our audience).

And yes, I totally agree with you. Back when we had weeks instead of hours to produce a finished video, quality was a far greater concern than quantity…

…but today my intuition says that to be relevant and connect with your audience the speed at which you can produce quality content is the most important factor.

The volume of content produced by everyone these days, not just brands and businesses, is unimaginably large.

And every day we scroll through an enormous amount of content, some amateur, some professional and a lot somewhere in between.

Now think about which pieces catch your eye. Which are they?

The obvious answer is the professional ones right? Surely the big budgets and time spent producing this ultimate high-quality content will make you stop and engage.

Or maybe actually it’s the amateur ones? Social media was originally meant to be a way for us to share our photos with our friends and perhaps these unfiltered and imperfect moments are the ones we log on to Instagram and Facebook with the intention to see?

Now all I can say on the topic with any certainty and conviction is my own two cents on the topic, but I’m sure that even today you’ve scrolled past plenty of content that people have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds producing and you’ve also skipped past plenty of mediocre amateur photos from friends and acquaintances in your social network.

My intuition says it isn’t the quality of your content.

And even producing a huge quantity of content won’t help.

It’s the whole reason behind your content which matters.

You need to ask yourself… “what’s the point?”

It’s all so easy to create content for social media these days and it’s also a medium we all have access too. As Gary Vee often says, “the internet has removed the middle-man”, we’re now not denied access to reaching a huge audience because we can’t afford expensive TV, Radio or print advertising, social media marketing is a game everyone can play.

Think back to the content today that’s grabbed your attention long enough for you to stop and read the caption in it’s entirety. I’m sure every time you log on there’s not more than one or two pieces that have this effect. Next time you notice yourself doing it, think why you stopped.

I wish as a thank you for reading I could tell you exactly the formula to make this kind of scroll-stopping content, sadly it’s not that simple, buy my intuition says it’s the content with purpose, with a story, ultimately with a point that creates a connection with your audience.

It’s great to take a photo of yourself in a beautiful place, but what’s the point? What are you trying to achieve?

If you’re trying to create an image that you live a rich, jet-set lifestyle and show off, great, enjoy it!

But what’s the point?

If you’re trying to show off, fine, but I’m sure that’s not going to connect with your audience and achieve the result you’re looking for. Nowadays this kind of content isn’t special or unique, just hashtag search travel and watch millions of similar beautiful photos appear in front of your eyes.

Quality is no longer the defining factor either, smartphones, DSLR’s and YouTube tutorials mean that everyone can create quality content.

It’s the point of your content. You need to tell your story, you need to make a point. What are you trying to achieve?

Everyone can make a self-indulgent vlog and jump in front of the camera. But what’s the reason for doing it? What are you offering your audience? Are you entertaining? Are you informative?

All of a sudden that travel picture of you in a beautiful location can become a valuable piece of content when you pass on your experience to your audience. If you tell them that this town on the outskirts of a big city is a real hidden gem of the country. It’s a lot cheaper than the big city, the beaches are far quieter and this a local tipped you off about this viewpoint you couldn’t find directions to on the internet. All of a sudden your self indulgent travel photo has become a piece of content that informs us and helps us make a decision about our next holiday. Now it’s valuable piece of content, with purpose. Am I going to subscribe to see the next thing you post so I don’t miss another one of your posts. You bet I am!

My intuition says it’s not all about being informative, if something’s funny share it with your audience and make them laugh, we could all use some humour on our coffee break. And sometimes just documenting and sharing what you’re doing, so that others can watch and learn, can be a big help to your audience.

Next time you’re about to press post, stop and think about the purpose of your content and what you’re trying to achieve.

And if you’re producing something that’s valuable to your audience, you’re well on your way in my books, to producing some successful quality content.

So remember, “what’s the point?”

And I wish you every success.


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