One View Is All You Need

Do you stress about the number of likes your Instagram posts are getting?

I know I do.

I also know that I need to stop.

I need to stop endlessly refreshing, seeing how many likes my post got in the last four seconds and instead use that time for something more productive.

My intuition says, the amount of views you get or the number of followers you’ve accumulated, doesn’t really matter.

One is all you need.

If you use social media as a tool to market yourself and work towards your career goals, then like me, you’ve probably spent time stressing over how many people decided they wanted to tap their phone screen twice in reaction to content you’d created.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be absurd in today’s modern marketing landscape to say that social media marketing is not important. It’s where all our attention is and therefore the place we need to be if we want our work or our message, to be seen and heard.

Going even deeper, it matters even more who the person receiving this message is.

Although thousands of views and likes give your ego a nice boost, I think you really need to consider what you’re goal of posting the content is.

Are you trying to make it as a professional photographer? Then all you need is one editor from a major magazine to see your work, fall in love with your style and give you your big break that springboards your career.

The same rings true for so many professions. Artists, musicians, graphic designers, bloggers, models, athletes.

You are always just one view of away from achieving everything you want in life. As long as that view comes from the right person.

Next time you post, worry about the quality of your content and not how many views it getting.

And also worry if you’re posting it in a way that allows the right person to see it.

So remember, one view is all you need and I wish you every success.



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*Once again this article is an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas that I’ve paraphrased from Gary Vaynerchuk, you should check him out if you haven’t because he’s the man.

His content will be far more of a help to you than mine will.

Jack Tompkins