Being Authentic is the Only Way

We all want to have a bigger influence...

And my intuition says that being authentic is the only way to truly achieve that.

So what does this mean for you?

Of late, in a somewhat osmotic fashion, different themes have continually drifted in out of these blogs and I’ve become ever increasingly aware that they need to be of greater value to you the reader, particularly as a thank you for you choosing to spend precious minutes of your day reading my article, rather than the million others you have at your fingertips.

(Thank you again for reading this, it means the world).

Going forward I still want to share my thoughts and intuitions around the modern business world, but from now on I want to firmly assert that these blogs will be here to help you with your content production.

Regardless of your industry, my intuition says that regualrly putting out effective, authentic and meaningful content can be a huge stepping stone to business success.

Whether you’re looking to build your empire or just increase your personal profile, I hope these blogs can be a weekly resource for you to use as you further your career.

I’m just one of many many content creators on this planet, and it would be ostensibly myopic just to consume my content and not to learn and gain inspiration from others.

And in a world where we are all competing for increasingly fragmented attention, all I can can truly share with any authenticity are my own thoughts, intuitions and experience.

People are unbelievably intelligent and in a matter of seconds we can detect when someone is acting, pretending or creating a false image of themselves, or more precisely an image that they want us to believe.

The only way in my opinion to truly connect with your audience is to be your most true and authentic self.

And yes, I’m sure this isn’t my own original idea and like many of my core beliefs today has been adopted from the work of Gary Vaynerchuk, thank you Gary.

A caveat here, people obviously aren’t a constant, we all evolve, change and get better. But deep down I truly believe we all have a core set of values, or our deep-set character that remains the same throughout our entire lives. And when I reflect on my own life, I know the moments I’m most proud of are where I’ve acted true to those.

The older I get the more I learn about myself and I know deep down, I’m only truly comfortable being kind, modest and ultimately not acting completely in my own self interest.

That’s not me bragging, as being brutally honest a lot of these traits have held me back and negatively impacted my career in the short term. But I’m immensely grateful that the values I’m fortunate to have been instilled with are the same ones I truly believe are the most important for long term success.

Sure we all want to present a more successful image of ourselves to the world and it feels nice to post pictures posing in picturesque locations, living out our Instagram model fantasies, but think back to your posts that received the most engagement, I’m not a gambling man, but would bet that these are the ones where you have been your most true and authentic self.

People care about people.

And my intuition says it’s of utmost importance to reflect an honest and autentic image of yourself during your career journey

So on social media be who you are and I truly believe that this will resonate with your audience. Don’t pretend to be someone or something you’re not, be your most true and authentic self.

Well that’s what I think anyway, I’m just a 28 year old content creator who did a pretty bad job shaving the day the photo for this article was taken.

So remember, being authentic is the only way.

And I wish you every success.


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